I recently wrote: Make Your Holiday Card Remarkable and suggested that you either make your holiday card remarkable or do not send one.  John, Gotaskie, a Fox Rothschild Pittsburgh partner I coached five years ago saw my post and sent me a link to a card sent by Verrill Dana LLP. I have never worked with the firm. In fact, I had never heard of the firm, but their card made an impression on me.

Their card is titled: 150 Ways to Spread Joy. I confess I read all 150 ways. The last of the 150 ways is to pass this book on to others. So, I am passing it on to you.

Will clients call Verrill Dana and say, I saw your 150 ways to spread joy and decided to hire you? I doubt it. But, the firm has gotten on the radar screen of many, like me, who had never heard of the firm before. That is very valuable and the cost to produce this card was small by comparison.