Some time ago I was eating dinner with a group of lawyers I was coaching. One asked me what I thought was the most important thing I had done to become a rainmaker.

For me the answer was easy.

I narrowed my focus and developed a niche for which I could become a “go to lawyer.”


After that I asked each person in the group to identify what he or she thought was the most important thing to do. No one was permitted to use something that had already been stated. Here is the list my coaching group identified.

  • Develop a plan and execute
  • Build relationships with your clients and business referral sources
  • Do the highest quality work
  • Be more responsive than the client expects
  • Be persistent, client development takes time
  • Be passionate and enthusiastic about your work and clients
  • Put in the time to do client development
  • Focus on client development activities that work best for you
  • Become a better listener and better at asking questions to enable you to learn more about the client
  • Make raving fans of existing clients and then focus on staying in touch with old clients

What would you add to this list?