I urge lawyers I coach and I urge you to read Seth Godin’s blog. Why? Because almost every day, he posts something that applies to lawyers seeking to become more valuable to clients.

Seth Godin recently posted a blog that answers that question very simply. In Useful and believable promises, he said that we (potential clients) only pay attention when we believe:

  • the promised something is worth more than it costs, and
  • you are the best person to keep that promise

Suppose, I convince you those premises are true for potential clients hiring lawyers, believing it is true is not enough. You must brainstorm:

  • How can I provide legal service that clients will believe is worth more than it costs?
  • How can I convince potential clients I am the best lawyer to provide that valuable service?

Just curious, have you ever thought about those questions? Have you and your colleagues ever brainstormed what you can do so your firm is perceived by clients in those ways?