Each year I look forward to receiving a holiday card from the managing partner of a firm for whom I do work coaching firm lawyers. Why do I look forward to his card? It is unique.

Each year it is a photo of where he and his wife traveled that year. I don’t remember the year, but  one year his card was a photo of him in a kilt standing in front of a pub in Scotland.

I enjoy cards we receive at home far more than cards I receive at the office. Why? I like the family photos and the personal touch in those cards. When I practiced law, I far preferred to send that kind of card to my best clients than to send the card the firm gave me to send. After all, my clients were my friends and my friends were my clients.

What impression are you making when you send your holiday cards? I have some strong opinions about holiday cards. You might recall that last year I wrote: Make Your Holiday Card Remarkable.

If you are a long time reader, you might have read my 2009 post: How to Make Holiday Cards More Meaningful.  I suggested in that post that holiday cards have become the equivalent of spam.

Instead of sharing more of my opinions on holiday cards, I want to simply ask you some questions:

  1. Why do you send holiday cards to your clients, referral sources and other contacts?
  2. What impression of you do you think they have after receiving your card?
  3. Will the card they receive from you be the very same as cards they receive from other lawyers in your firm?
  4. Will they remember your card months after they receive it?

If you are interested in getting more ideas on holiday cards, read: Top 5 law firm holiday cards, or LMA’s Law Firm Holiday Cards.

P.S. If by chance you send me a holiday card, I would love to receive one that you send to friends and family.