No matter how the potential client comes to your firm, you know at some point they will check out your firm website. Will they be able to differentiate your firm from your competitors? 

I frequently speak at law firm retreats. Occasionally I will put on the screen an edited “About” page from the law firm’s website and the “About” page of two competitors. Rarely do the majority of lawyers know which “About” page is their own firm. If your own lawyers don’t know what differentiates your firm, how do you suppose potential clients know?


Well known branding expert, Berkey Beiser, wrote an article: Law Firm Websites That Work. He pointed out just how the Am Law Top 250 firms are all alike. You should read the article to see how even the website design is the same for most firms. He said a law firm website should:

  1. Have a purpose. What do you want the reader to do?
  2. Create a dialogue with the reader.
  3. Position yourself as important, confident and a leader.

Does your firm website accomplish those three objectives? Can your clients, potential clients and referral sources distinguish your firm from your competitors from your website? If you think so, send me a link. I’d like to take a look.