I have been working this week on programs for junior associates and senior associates I will be doing Monday, a program for the Dallas Bar Association Transition to Law lawyers and a program I will be doing at the Arkansas State Bar Meeting in June. So, it has been a busy week.

I have found time to read some interesting blog posts:

  • 5 Travel Lessons You Can Use at Home In a guest post, Rolff Potts provides lessons that I believe can be applied by lawyers trying to find balance or live based on their priorities. For example, one is "Be where you are," meaning live in the moment. Don’t be on your Blackberry when you are playing with your kids.
  • Seth Godin on linchpins, focus, spreading stories It is a short interview with Seth Godin. In response to a question about the book, Seth Godin answers: "The feedback I’m getting is just extraordinary… the book makes people uncomfortable, and many respond by stepping forward, by choosing to do work that matters. And that’s the entire goal of the project. I wanted people to choose." If you can take the time, read the book and write down ideas you can implement.
  • The Secret to Raising Smart Kids Several lawyers I coach have children. I tell each of them about the years of research done by Stanford professor Carol Dweck. This is just one of many articles. Professor Dweck says:  "teaching people to have a “growth mind-set,” which encourages a focus on effort rather than on intelligence or talent, helps make them into high achievers in school and in life." 
  • The Power of Uniqueness [19 Starting Points for Being a Unique Blogger] Each day there are more lawyers blogging. That means standing out from other bloggers becomes increasingly challenging. The 19 points discussed here are a good starting point to stand out from the crowd.
  • Run By Women, The World Would Be Better and More Fun.I found this blog post by UConn professor Regina Barreca, Ph.D. a hilarious and thought provoking poke at men and a satirical look at women. This may not be funny for anyone sensitive about gender traits. On Monday I plan to post what law firms would be like if run by women. I plan on no satire.