As some of you know I am a Virginia Tech grad. As others of you may know Virginia Tech’s women are playing in our first Final Four basketball tournament here in Dallas. Nancy and I are going to watch us play LSU in the first game tonight.

I don’t want to bury the lead, so

Some of you who regularly read my Blog do not know that I am a Hokie, a Virginia Tech alum. 

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With Daughter Jill before the Independence Bowl 2015. We stayed home because of Tornadoes

This Sunday is Easter, but it also is the 10 year anniversary of the Virginia Tech massacre. At the time, news

As you likely know, during my career I made presentations to contractors, and now to lawyers, I have always tried to “work the room” before the presentation. I showed up early and went around meeting the audience members as they came in the room.

If you have ever heard me speak, you know I had

I am starting coaching a group of partners today. I will ask them and I will ask you: Do you have goals? That is likely not  the most appropriate question because we all have goals. Perhaps better questions might be:

  • Can you identify your goals?
  • Are your goals written?

Why should you write (type) your