In December of last year, the ABA published: Survey: Lawyers still think blogging makes an impact. Among other things, I found this finding interesting:

Eighty-eight percent of bloggers say their efforts enhance their reputation. Two out of three law firm bloggers say their blogs bring in clients, and three in four find posts from blogs with law firm branding at least as credible as those without it.

Yet, blogging is not for every lawyer. I believe there are reasons a lawyer should not be blogging. Here is my Top 10:

  1. Your firm is in the dark ages and does not approve of blogging.
  2. Your practice is not focused.
  3. You do not want to build relationships and do not need to raise your visibility and credibility within your target market.
  4. You can’t think of anyone who would be interested in what you have to say.
  5. You do not want to take the time to listen before writing and keep up with what is going on in your clients’ world so you will have something relevant to say.
  6. You hate technology and do not want to learn.
  7. You are incapable of writing concisely.
  8. You cannot identify what you want the readers to take away from your blog.
  9. Your competitors are already providing outstanding content and you can’t do any better.
  10. You cannot make the commitment to post at least once, and better twice, a week.