This is one of my series on client development skills every lawyer needs to learn. Today, the focus will be on skills to build relationships and get hired. These mostly require that you get up from your computer and get out of your office.


Building Relationships and Getting Hired

  1. Networking-Asking remembering names, questions, actively listening
  2. Sources of business
  3. How to focus on Contacts (Client relationship management)
  4. How selling legal services is different
  5. How to make a good first Impression
  6. How clients narrow their selection
    1. Importance of website bio
    2. The importance of your relationships
    3. How to get recommendations
    4. Strength of weak ties
  7. How to go from being considered to being selected
    1. Building trust and rapport
    2. Developing questions
    3. Listening skills
    4. How to ask for business