As I mentioned yesterday, I’m off to West Palm Beach. I received an email yesterday from one of the lawyers I am coaching telling me what she has been working on since we last met. She’s off to a really great start.

A few years ago, I was asked by three Legal Marketing Association chapters to make a presentation on Client Development Coaching.

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In my presentation, I focused on:

  1. Tools to convince skeptical law firm partners-Those who say “lawyers either have it or they don’t.” You have to be able to convince those partners that your firm will generate more revenue.
  2. Why coaching– One shot training programs do not work. There’s no follow up or accountability. With coaching, it’s more likely your lawyers will make positive changes and achieve their goals.
  3. What will make it successful-starts with selecting the lawyers most likely to be “all-in.” Breaking down plans to bite size pieces. Creating both a group component and individual component.

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Want to see the slides from my presentation? Here they are. You might also be interested in an eBook I wrote. You can download it from iTunes (Just search my name under books), or here is a link to it on SlideShare.