Is your firm contemplating a client development coaching program for 2014? If so, I want to invite you to participate in a webinar with me this month or in January before you “roll out” the program.

I can either do a webinar just for your firm, or you can participate with other firms. I will limit the number of participants when there is more than one firm so I can answer questions.

To get you thinking of questions you want me to cover, let me share some very important components of the coaching program I have created.

While the program you create may differ in some ways from mine, I believe it is important that it include both a group component and individual component. I believe each is important. I want to create a group synergism and dynamic and also focus on what makes each individual unique and special.


So here are some of the important components of the my coaching program. You are welcome to use them for your own program:

Group Components:

  1. The coaching group sets a group goal.
  2. The participants agree on 25 (or some number) of action items designed to help achieve the group goal.
  3. The group meets monthly without me.
  4. The group meets quarterly with me, usually for two hours. We cover the topic the group has chosen.
Individual Components:
  1. I start by sending each lawyer in the group coaching questions that helps me better understand their practice, their to date client development efforts and what they want to accomplish.
  2. I encourage each lawyer to take the StrengthsFinder 2.0 survey so we can focus on their strengths and perhaps team them with another member who has different strengths.
  3. I want to get to know each lawyer on a personal basis. I encourage each lawyer to send me a family photo, or one away from work.
  4. During our first session I strive to get to know each lawyer, including what he or she enjoys doing away from work.
  5. At the end of our first session each lawyer creates 90 Days Goals (Action Plan)
  6. Each lawyer, with my help sets his or her own goals for the year and creates a business plan.
  7. In each coaching session thereafter, each lawyer sends an agenda in advance. Many use some of my suggested agenda items.
  8. I encourage each lawyer to team with another lawyer in the group for ideas and accountability.
  9. each lawyer reports what client development activities he or she has done. Some firms have each lawyer report monthly on what he or she has done.
  10. I encourage each lawyer to read articles and books from my suggested list. Many groups use the books for discussion and brainstorming.

My approach is based on both my own experience, and more importantly, scientific studies on what is most likely to encourage people to actually take actions on client development, work together as a team and have fun in the process.

As mentioned above, I will be conducting webinars for law firms on how to set up a client development coaching program. If you are interested in participating in one of our webinars, contact Joyce at for the available dates and cost.