On Monday I posted a blog about the group telephone coaching program and the video coaching program.

Dallas lawyer, Shawn Tuma watched the video, did the exercises and participated in a group coaching session. I asked Shawn to share his experience with you.

Shawn Tuma.jpgPerhaps the most important thing I can say about the program is that it is a complete program—not just a CLEesque video to play while distracted with other things (with the hope of absorbing a few tidbits by osmosis).

The program features a thorough video presentation, extensive workbook with exercises, and group telephone coaching sessions with Cordell.

It is very helpful that the presentation is on video because Cordell’s presentations are packed with information and there is a lot to grasp in real time.

By having the presentation on video, you can pause it when necessary or, if in a group, go back and replay it later. Having this on video makes the program an even better learning tool that will enable the participant to take their time and really absorb the information without worrying about missing something.

The workbook really helps put the lessons into practice. The exercises in the workbook are extensive and will force you to think about your career goals, where you are in your practice, what type of client development activities will work best for you, and what specific things you need to do to accomplish them.

This will require work on your part but the more effort you put into it the more you will get out of it.

Cordell and his team have put a lot of thought into the presentation and workbook but including the group coaching sessions is the icing on the cake!

No matter how well planned any program is, people will always have things they want to talk about. And, if you have ever talked to Cordell you know that even in a casual conversation you will learn something valuable from him.

The group coaching sessions give participants the opportunity to interact with Cordell as well as with the other participants in a way that allows them to not only learn from Cordell, but also from the other participants. This feature really makes the program one-of-a-kind!

I know that Shawn would be happy to speak with you if you have any questions for him. In the meantime if you want to participate in the program, grab some friends who share your motivation and contact Joyce Flo at jflo@cordellparvin.com.