Airplane.jpgWhile waiting to catch a plane, a firm partner asked me some questions and my thoughts on each question. His first question was:

How do you get to the potential client’s key decision makers?

The answer is you have to hang out where the decision makers hang out. Second, build a trusting relationship with people who influence the decision makers.

In the construction industry, the key decision makers when I practiced law were very active in construction industry associations, like Associated General Contractors, American Road and Transportation Builders’ Association, American Concrete Pavement Association and National Asphalt Pavement Association. I gave presentations to those associations, and their state chapters, many times, including this webinar.  

Here is a second important point: Figure out who influences the key decision makers. In the construction industry association executives are trusted by and greatly influence the construction company owners and principals. I was a friend and trusted advisor to many of those executives. I worked hard to earn their trust. I never once asked any of them to recommend me. Instead I focused on finding ways to help them help their contractor members.

Where do your potential client decision makers hang out? Who influences them? What can you do to help the influencers?