Helen Oscislawski is a health care lawyer I coached from New Jersey. She has a great Blog focusing on privacy in the health care industry. She shared with me how blogging has increased her visibility and credibility in the health care industry. Here is what she said:

One thing I have learned is to share some of my knowledge with the health care sector – for free. Before our firm’s coaching program, I was very reluctant to spend any time writing articles or “giving away” information without billing for it. My rational was that spending time on such efforts would only hurt by bottom-line-billable-hour and, therefore, was a waste. The rainmaking program has encouraged me to think differently about the benefits of building my profile and network of contacts through writing and sharing information with the “public.”

One of the steps I took to begin sharing some of my knowledge was to begin a legal Blog, which has allowed me to post information regarding developments, my views, and tips regarding legal issues in connection with the exchange of health information. The Blog has resulted in many tangible benefits. First off, my current contacts, clients and colleagues have given me very positive feedback about the Blog, The Blog has also generated a lot of buzz on the web. As a result of the high volume of hits to my Blog, I receive several inquiries a week by phone or e-mail from random potential clients and other individuals working in the health care sector. Just the other day, I received a call from a consultant who ran across my Blog and called me to see if we could get together for lunch to discuss the possibility of our working together to assist health care clients in the state with their compliance efforts.

These are just a few examples of the invaluable networking opportunities made possible by my taking just a few hours each month to put some of the information I know out there.

Helen has been able to demonstrate her knowledge and expertise through her Blog. In addition she has discovered other ways to add value to her healthcare clients including: HIPAA assessment tools, checklists, policies and procedures, and other compliance documents. Helen is also recognized for creating the New Jersey “State Public Sector Law Review of HIPAA Privacy” and its related “Privacy Crosswalk,” which is utilized by providers across the state.