If you have read my recent posts, you know that I did a workshop for a law firm’s associates to help them prepare their 2014 Development Plan. See: Law Firm Associates: My Thoughts on Preparing Your 2014 Plan. I learned afterward that the workshop had changed the associates planning from just submitting something the firm required to preparing something that energized them.

Several readers asked if I would be doing the planning workshop as a Webinar.  At their request, I will be conducting several worshop Webinars in December and January. I want no more than eight participants so it can be a workshop during which you can ask questions.

To get the idea on what we will cover, here is the workbook: How to Prepare an Effective Business Plan.  To prepare to work with me, I recommend taking the StrengthsFinder 2.0 survey, read Cindy Pladziewicz’s blog: Want to develop a great business plan? Play to your strengths and study the template form you will use.


You will be able to sign up as an individual, or your firm can have the program for eight lawyers. To find out the cost, dates available and have any of your questions answered, contact Joyce at jflo@cordellparvin.com.