A lawyer I coached this past year sent me a link to some recognition she received from LexBlog: Energy Law Today Writes with Interest and Gets Positive Feedback.

Melissa Lyon writes the Energy Law Today Blog. In it she finds a way to make reference to her hobby which is baking.

Melissa isn’t the only lawyer I coach who finds a way to work their passion outside of law into their practice.

As you will see below, there’s a lot of potential reading and watching if you click on the links. Think about it when you have the bowl game that no one including you cares about on your television screen.

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How to Use Hobbies for Client Development

Two lawyers I coached, one in DC the other in Los Angeles, used Trapeze to entertain their women clients.

A lawyer I coached from Houston, created a pick up basketball league and a tennis league. He also entertains clients at Houston Rockets basketball games.

Another lawyer makes wreaths. See  Client Development Holiday Gift Idea

Another uses her photography. See:  Can You Use Your Hobby for Client Development?

Another lawyer is a race car enthusiast, especially BMW’s and he takes photos as well as drives the cars. See: Client Development Make it Fun.

Another lawyer takes photos of his child’s elite soccer team and gives them to parents. See: Adding Value in a Personal Way.

I’ve shared with some of you Alison’s story focusing on her passion for horses: See Alison’s Story: Practical Advice on Developing a Niche Practice 

Here’s more on hobbies. See: 5 Hobbies that Make People Better at their Job.

How to Connect 

We’ve also covered how to connect with people. Here are some materials on that subject.

See: How to Instantly Click with Everyone You Meet

Years ago I read several Nicholas Boothman books. Here is a summary of one of them: Book Summary How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds.

Clinton and Kennedy Charisma. See: Clinton and Kennedy’s 3 Secrets: How to Become More Charismatic https://www.blinkist.com/page19/clinton-kennedys-3-secrets-become-charismatic

Finally, if you have 24 minutes and are interested, then watch Tony Robbins on Building Rapport.