I think that many young lawyers find client development daunting. A few years ago, I gave a presentation to new partners at a firm who at the end were likely overwhelmed. Their firm had given me two hours to give an overview. By the end I am sure many of the young partners wondered where to start.

Are you in that same position? If so do what star athletes do – train by learning one thing at a time and begin by taking small steps so you feel you have accomplished something. I suggest you do something, no matter how small to get started.

It might be as simple as:

  • Calling a friend or referral source and asking them to lunch or to meet for coffee
  • Sending an article with a handwritten note
  • Setting up Google Alerts for your clients and their specific industry topics
  • Making sure to return all client calls or emails by end of day if at all possible to show responsiveness, even if very busy or away from office
  • Putting  client development tasks on your calendar just like business appointments
  • Committing to read one book about client development before the end of the year (Here is a list of what I have on my Kindle)
  • Sending a book to a client, referral source or friend on a topic you know they care about
  • Joining my Facebook Coaching Page or following me on Twitter

Don’t feel like client development is climbing Mt. Everest. Take just one small step and get started.

P.S. During these last two months of 2011 and in January of 2012,  I am teaching lawyers how to prepare a business plan for 2012. I would love to teach lawyers in your firm or city.