I contend that many young lawyers do not reach their business development potential because they don’t know where to start, or they are not focused and strategic.

I have a special offer for your law firm. I want to offer myself to help your lawyers be more successful in 2016.

So, here’s my special offer for the first three law firms that respond.

If your firm is willing to pay my travel expenses (first class airfare-max $500, hotel and any meals), I will come to your office before January 1, and spend a day helping your lawyers.

At lunch I will do a presentation for your lawyers on How to Prepare Their Plan for 2016, or Client Development for 2016 and Beyond.

During the rest of the day,  I’ll meet one-on-one or in small groups and go over whatever topic your lawyers want to discuss.

You pick the topic. Have your lawyers create a coaching agenda. I won’t charge for my day in your office.

I bet you will see some more strategic client development efforts in 2016 from some of your lawyers.