I am a business client. Why should I hire your firm?

I certainly get no help from your firm’s website. When I go to your law firm website it looks pretty much like the every other high quality law firm website. Your firm and other law firms claim to be “innovative,” or “creative.” Your firm and the others are “full service” firms and represent a diverse group of large and small clients on a “wide range of matters.”  Your firm and the others all have lawyers with a vast amount of experience and are noted for their integrity. Your firm and other firm websites have a listing of both practice areas for your lawyers and industries your firm represents. I know each firm is unique, but I can’t distinguish one from another.

Since the mid-90s, law firms have used branding slogans in an attempt to distinguish their firm. In my old law firm the slogan was “The Jenkens Experience: The Experience You Deserve.” I never had a clue what that meant. The only time a client mentioned it was when he was upset with a bill. He said:

Cordell, I guess I just got the Jenkens, Experience: The Experience I deserved.

I did not laugh.

A few years ago I read a great book on communication titled: “10 Simple Secrets of the World’s Greatest Business Communicators.” Author Carmine Gallo has captured secrets that every lawyer should consider. Simple secret 6 is brevity. Gallo references “What Clients Love” where Harry Beckworth writes: “if you cannot describe what makes you different and excellent in twenty-five words or less, don’t fix your copy. Fix your company.”

Can you describe what makes your firm (or you) different from other law firms (or lawyers) and excellent in twenty-five words or less? Try it and if you would like feedback, send your statement to me. More importantly, how would your clients describe what makes your firm different in twenty-five words or less? When was the last time you asked them?