A few weeks ago I taught client development to a group of lawyers. I began by asking:

How many of you are 100% satisfied with the amount of business you are generating?

No one raised their hand. That was no surprise because no one has ever raised their hand when I asked that question.

As you might imagine, the next question is what are you doing about it? I find many young lawyers who don’t know where to start. But, I also find many older lawyers who know what to do and are not doing it.

If you know what to do, what would it take for you to actually do it?

Fourteen years ago Fast Company published an article: Change or Die. Heart patients were told they needed to stop or reduce smoking, drinking, eating, and stress, and get more exercise. Pretty simple, right? Trouble was they didn’t do it.

I like this quote in the article:

So instead of trying to motivate them with the “fear of dying,” Ornish reframes the issue. He inspires a new vision of the “joy of living.”

What is the joy of developing business? In part, it is the satisfaction that comes from knowing you are helping your clients achieve their goals.