I have coached hundreds of outstanding women lawyers in the United States and Canada.

I love getting people I know and value together.

So, one of my great joys has been the three times I gathered 15-20 US and Canadian women lawyers I have coached for a weekend event in Dallas-Fort Worth. The ideas they have shared have been invaluable and I know many of them have made new lifelong friends.

Here is the group photo from our first event.

Cordell Parvin
Cordell Parvin

Here is the 2014 Brochure and a link to the Highlights from Our 3rd Annual Outstanding Women Lawyers’ Roundtable.

Here is the Outstanding Women 2015 Brochure. We cancelled the event because only 7 women were able to come. The agenda was created by those lawyers and I think would still make for a great program.

If I coached you, would you like to get together one more time?  If you are interested and would be able to attend, please contact me cparvin@cordellparvin.com.