As you know, I have been posting ideas on planning for the next year from lawyers I have coached. I post these ideas because I always learned by adapting ideas from others. So, I hope when you read each of these approaches, you will find one or two ideas that you can put into your own planning.

Christy Crider is a shareholder and long term healthcare lawyer in Baker Donelson’s Nashville office. Here are thoughts Christy recently shared with me.

Planning for next year is a daunting task. But, with a nice glass of red wine and a quiet spot to think, it can be an exciting experience.

I like to start by making a list of every client/potential client I would like to see in the upcoming year and what I will do to see them in person. I list the month I will go see the client and the approximate cost. I also jot down a few ideas of how to make the visit productive. These include where I might take them, whether I will invite our spouses, where there are opportunities to expand the work, whether there is a compilation of results we achieved for them in the last year to take with me.

Next, I usually turn to credentialing. What seminars would I like to attend and speak at this year? I make a list along with the dates of each seminar. I then send e-mails to the appropriate people on our team to secure deadlines for submitting speaker proposals for my calendar. I jot down a few ideas for topics. I also like to brainstorm about possible article ideas for publication for the upcoming year.

Finally, I like to revisit my list of 100 life time goals. I started this goal list when I was working with Cordell in a coaching program. It’s fun to think about what is most important to you and write big, exciting goals down on paper. The process of committing these goals to paper not only brings focus but creates a personal obligations to go after it. Once you commit this to paper, ask yourself, “which of these will I make happen this year”. Then ask, which month this year? Which week that month? Then book that beach trip and enjoy.