I am speaking tomorrow at a firm retreat. The title of my presentation is “Taking Your Career to the Next Level.”

I will begin by asking for a show of hands who in the audience reasonably believes he or she can triple the annual revenue he or she generates in three years. So you can

Earlier this year a law firm marketing director asked me:
Cordell, what should be included in our client development training program?
Almost 10 years ago, I wrote a Practical Lawyer article Unlocking The Secrets To Developing Your Future Rainmakers. It has some ideas for the marketing directors.
I practiced law and learned about client

Recently I did a program for a law firm and began by asking the lawyers:

How many of you prepared a written business plan with goals for 2015?

Only a few lawyers raised their hands. So, suppose I ask you:

Did you have a business plan for 2015?

I have posted several blogs over the