As you may know I began coaching lawyers on client development long ago when I was still practicing law. I have coached, mentored and taught younger lawyers my entire career. I have even coached lawyers who are older than I am.

Some lawyers have gotten a lot out of the coaching and others not so much. I simply cannot motivate the unmotivated. Based on my experience working with many, many lawyers, I have come up with these leading indicators for you to determine whether client development coaching is not for you:

  1. Busman thinking.jpgYou prefer to work on matters for other lawyers’ clients
  2. You are content with where you are in your career and life
  3. You believe there is nothing left for you to learn
  4. When you go home at night you frequently ask yourself why you let dad talk you into going to law school
  5. You hate writing, speaking and getting out and meeting new people
  6. You do not want to spend more than your billable time on your career
  7. You spend more time planning your vacation than you do your career
  8. A senior lawyer in your firm told you that you “need” client development coaching
  9. You do not care to learn about your clients’ industry or company
  10. You are not really interested in building personal relationships with your clients