Your clients and referral sources remember something thoughtful, no matter how small, for a long time and they will tell people they know. Why? Put simply, very few lawyers do anything thoughtful without expecting anything in return.

When was the last time you did something really thoughtful for a client, potential client or contact without expecting anything in return?

Allison Kashon.jpgSeveral years ago, I took Nancy with me to meet lawyers I was coaching at the Fox Rothschild firm in Philadelphia. Nancy sat next to Allison Kashon, who was then an associate, and now a partner, in the firm’s Atlantic City office.

A couple of weeks later a package arrived at our home addressed to both Nancy and me. When I opened it I read Allison’s handwritten note: “Hope your dental insurance is paid up. Bet you haven’t eaten this since you were 10 years old.”

It as a box of Salt Water Taffy. Allison was right. I hadn’t eaten any in a really long time. I think I tried to eat some, but discovered Allison was right. It stuck to my teeth and created a major dental issue.

What is the point? Alison did something thoughtful without expecting anything in return. She took time to figure out our home address and sent the salt water taffy to my home rather than to my office and addressed the box to both Nancy and me.

How much do you suppose Allison spent for our treat? I am sure it was not much. But, it was an unexpected gift sent in an unexpected way. Now, four years later I am still telling people about Allison and her thoughtful gift. Interestingly, Nancy tells people also.

I could share with you many other examples. What small touches have you done to build relationships? How about sharing them with readers.