I was thinking how much client development has changed over the last 10 years and how many lawyers have not changed their approach. What has changed?

  • Business Clients: In the global economy they are less likely to be local and less likely to be loyal to a particular law firm.
  • The Economy: Clients expect more from outside law firms and want to pay less for it. They have no tolerance for surprises.
  • The Tools Available: In 2001 law firms and lawyers were just beginning to send mass email alerts. They were not blogging, doing webinars and podcasts. They were not on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Lawyers were creating PowerPoint slides for presentations that they would be embarrassed to show anyone now.

What is the bottom line? Because business clients are less likely to be local, it is more important than ever that they be able to easily find you. Because of the economy, you need to focus on how you can become a more valuable resource. Because of the vast array of tools available, you need to learn how to use them and then use them strategically.

What are you planning to do that will make 2011 your best year ever?