I have coached highly motivated lawyers who started with no business and I have coached highly motivated lawyers who generate several million dollars of business a year. I have interviewed many of both examples on my podcast. Click here to listen to the interviews.
When I am coaching lawyers in a firm, I tell the managing partner that it is incredibly important to select the right lawyers for the coaching program. You don’t need coaching if you:
  1. Work for a firm that has institutional clients and does not need to develop more business
  2. Think all you have to do is good work and wait for the phone to ring
  3. Have no interest in developing your own book of business
  4. Are content with your client development success
  5. Believe client development is a God given talent and cannot be learned and developed
  6. Believe you are too busy to do client development
  7. Just want to work on a senior’s lawyer’s clients
  8. Know exactly what works best for you and have actually done it
  9. Are not open to new ideas
  10. Are so well known that every potential client in your target market knows what you do and they have either decided to hire you or not

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