Are your clients “Raving Fans?”

Based on surveys, corporate counsel are increasingly dissatisfied with their outside law firms. Their complaints are not about the hourly rates.

Instead, they are dissatisfied with their outside lawyers for not understanding their company’s needs, their company’s business and for not being responsive.


I have written about the book Raving

I recently did a presentation for a law firm on client service. One thing I shared was clients may not easily recognize the quality of your legal work, but they can easily recognize the quality of your service and it begins with your staff.

I published this blog in 2011. It is worth reading again

Raving Fans.jpgThis is not rocket science. Law firms know that business clients are not happy with the service they receive from outside counsel. Yet, law firms for some reason do not make changes. According to surveys, most firms actually think their clients are satisfied.

Business clients who have significant outside legal expenditures compare your firm with