Dallas Cyber Security lawyer Shawn Tuma is back with Part 2 of his three part series on Social Media Marketing in One Hour. I hope you had a chance to read Part 1 where Shawn explained why he turned from traditional go to events marketing to social media.

How much marketing “bang” you can get in less than 1 hour of executing a strategic social media marketing plan

The tools I used in this example

For this example, I used multiple blogs and all the usual social networking sites that I run through Hootsuite. Hootsuite is the secret weapon that makes all of this happen. Below I’ll explain how and why I use these different tools.

The blogs

The foundation for most of my social media marketing activities has been my blog. My primary blog is the Business Cyber Risk | Law Blog. I have been blogging on this site since 2010.

Since then, the focus of my practice has evolved and is generally focused on issues such as cyber law, computer fraud, cybersecurity, data breach, privacy, trade secrets, and social media law — areas that I generally refer to as business cyber risk. I have generally tried to provide a fair amount of substance in my posts and not clutter it up with a lot of general sharing of information like we generally do on our social networks.

I do not want my readers to feel like I am just sharing a bunch of junk so I am selective about what I share on that site. Because of that, I have experimented with using other blogs for different purposes. The verdict is still out on whether I will continue to do so. I would appreciate your feedback on this so let me know what you think.

My blogs are WordPress sites. One of the great features of the platform is that I have it connected to my Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and a Facebook page that is set up for the blog so that when I publish a blog post it automatically shares the post through those social networks which makes the blog a great vehicle for sharing information quickly and keeping a record of it for future reference.

I have found that my primary blog has become a great source of research material and that I frequently look back to earlier posts when I have questions about certain cases or legal issues that I have blogged about in the past. It is like a “knowledge bank” of prior research. Because of this, when I find information that I want to share but also want to keep a record of, I would find myself struggling between whether it was worthy of sharing on my primary blog or whether it would clutter up the stream too much.

This led me to set up a second blog that I named Fraud 2.0 that I have connected to the same automated sharing sites as my primary blog. But, instead of writing substantive posts, I use this one for sharing information that I want to keep a record of, want to widely disseminate very quickly and easily, and may want to write a couple of lines about but nothing more. This is really easy to do because WordPress has an add-on for my Google Chrome browser that is called “Press This” that enables you to take the webpage you are reading and with the click of a button share it straight through your blog site.

I have a third blog called CFAA Digest that is simply a collection of briefs on cases involving the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA). I had great plans for this site but did not seem to factor in the time limitations that we humans have. This site will probably not be around much longer.

Hootsuite — and the social networks

HootSuite is the secret weapon for how to make all of this work. If you do not use it, I encourage you to do a little research about it and start using it. NOW!

It is a site that aggregates all of your social networks into one dashboard and allows you to read the content on those networks and then share it through some or all of those networks with the click of a button. It also allows you to schedule times in the future for sharing content.

It too has an add-on for my Google Chrome browser that enables me to take the webpage I am reading and, with the click of a button, share it through some or all of my social networking sites. This is very powerful because it enables you to take the time you spend reading news articles and also use it for sharing valuable information for others.

In the next post (3 of 3) I will explain how I used these tools during that one hour period of time which will allow you to then see how you can apply those same strategies to your marketing efforts.