As you know I regularly provide both individual and group coaching for groups of lawyers in law firms. I believe strongly that having a group of lawyers learning together creates a greater change an success.

A managing partner recently asked how the lawyers in the coaching program had done. It takes time for client development to actually produce new clients and revenue. So, I measure success by what each lawyer I coach is doing that will produce future business. I ask myself: Has this lawyer…:

  • stepping stones istock.jpgchanged from where he started?
  • identified client development opportunities she would have missed before?
  • actively participated with the group?
  • made efforts to learn as much as possible?
  • worked on understanding her clients and figuring out ways to better serve them?
  • prepared for our coaching sessions?
  • spent sufficient time on client development and, more importantly, spent the time well?
  • implemented ideas we discussed either in individual sessions or group meetings?
  • read any books on my recommended reading list?
  • done things outside her original comfort zone?
  • been accountable?

On Friday I received an email from a lawyer I coached four years ago. She described how the changes she made had ultimately resulted in getting new business. She told me:

Over the last four years since participating in coaching program, I have developed a fairly significant book of business.  I am currently going through the firm’s partnership review process and have received multiple comments on how impressed partners are with the book of business I have developed.  In a business development meeting today a partner who has been practicing law for over 35 years commented on how my business development activities inspire him to work harder at business development.

Her email shows that when you make the changes and get focused, over time you will achieve the ultimate goal-building a book of business.