As you may know, this week I have crossed the country teaching lawyers about blogging and social media. Yesterday, I received a most interesting question:

If our firm decides not to blog and not use social media, in five years will we be behind our competitors?

I thought that was a great question. Lawyers and firms are reluctant to make changes. I responded by asking:

Suppose your firm had decided not to have a website, or not to use email when both became available. In five years would you have been behind your competitors?

I have written about the importance of being innovative and the importance of getting outside your comfort zone and continuing to learn and make changes. As a coach, I love to watch the lawyers I coach make changes in what they are doing and see results from those changes. In my last Practical Lawyer Column I re-told Alison’s Story:Practical Advice On Developing A Niche Practice.

Nicole Snyder.jpgNicole Snyder is a Holland and Hart lawyer I coached. In my podcast interview with her, Nicole describes herself as a skeptic going into the coaching. If you do not have time to listen to the entire interview, listen to Nicole Snyder Coaching Program Changes to hear about changes Nicole made.

As a lawyer, you will become more successful when, even when you are skeptical, you have an open mind to making changes. What changes are you making this year?