Several years ago I read Purple Cow  and heard Seth Godin talk about the importance of being remarkable.

When I speak at State Bar meetings or at law firm retreats, I like to put up the “About” page from three law firm websites and ask the audience if they can pick out their firm. Very few lawyers can pick out their own firm because the web pages all look alike. Imagine, how difficult it is for clients to distinguish one firm from another.

I have wondered at the time what a “remarkable” law firm would be like. What would make a law firm stand out? What would make a law firm a “Purple Cow?”

Sit down with your colleagues and talk about what makes your firm remarkable. It might include:

  • The lawyers and staff you hire
  • How you train and develop your lawyers
  • Your lawyer’s skills
  • Your experience handing certain kinds of matters or working with clients in certain kinds of industries
  • The valuable content you have available for clients on your webpage
  • Your responsiveness
  • Your partnering relationship with clients
  • Your alternative billing arrangements
  • Your innovativeness
  • Your use of technology

I am sure there are other differentiators you can find for your own firm. I urge you to differentiate your firm and think of ways you can be “remarkable” in your clients’ eyes.