I began practicing law the year after legendary NFL coach Vince Lombardi passed away. When he was coaching if you asked him for the secret of the Green Bay Packers success, he would have said "blocking and tackling." In fact, I listened to his pre-game pep talk to his players before the second Super Bowl

A few weeks ago a young lawyer posted a comment to my blog post asking if I could give any examples of young lawyers who have focused and become a "go to" lawyer in their field. I told her I would give a couple of examples.

 I have written about Alison and our meeting when

I got on Twitter a year ago. At first I was a skeptic. I didn’t really see the value for lawyers. 

I recently spoke to a former construction law colleague from my old firm. During the conversation I asked if he was on Twitter. He said no and told me he did not see the

 I have been working this week on programs for junior associates and senior associates I will be doing Monday, a program for the Dallas Bar Association Transition to Law lawyers and a program I will be doing at the Arkansas State Bar Meeting in June. So, it has been a busy week.

I have found