1. Learn about their business and their industry at your expense.
  2. Identify needs of client and services that have a high impact on the client’s ability to achieve its goals and become expert in those services.
  3. Ask clients to identify their objectives before beginning work and then offer a plan to achieve those objectives.
  4. Place lawyers

Who was the first to say:

All other things being equal people want to do business with people (lawyers) they know, like and trust.

In his book “The Likeability Factor,” Tim Sanders includes a chapter on “The Four Elements of Likeability.” Those elements are:

    • • Friendliness
    • • Relevance
    • • Empathy
    • • Realness (authenticity)

They say

When you are asked to speak to an industry group you have one of the greatest opportunities to market yourself and also one of the greatest challenges.

You have the opportunity to show your knowledge and to build rapport.

You have the challenge of speaking to a skeptical audience. No matter what the industry, your