When you are asked to speak to an industry group you have one of the greatest opportunities to market yourself and also one of the greatest challenges.

You have the opportunity to show your knowledge and to build rapport.

You have the challenge of speaking to a skeptical audience. No matter what the industry, your

When was the last time you ate lunch with a client or referral source? I am posting this blog to urge you to not eat lunch at your desk, not eat every lunch with your colleagues. Eat lunch with clients and referral sources.

Years ago a former New York City Police Detective named Bo Dietl

A lawyer I am helping find a firm asked me a question I know is a common one.

“We hear all the time that we need to reach out to our clients. Pick up the phone, email, etc. I often find that I am hesitant in doing so when it’s not related to an ongoing

When I was coaching lawyers I was frequently asked for my top tip on attracting new clients. Over the last year, while I have been recruiting lawyers, I’ve been asked the same question. Put simply, my answer is:

You want to increase the number of “weak ties” who influence your target market and know what

It was late fall 2001. The internet bubble had burst. A stock I owned that had traded at a record $130 per share was on it way to single digits where it remains today. I foolishly bought shares all the way down.

I remember a conversation with our law firm’s financial officer. He told me