When I practiced law, almost every new client that considered hiring me came as a result of a recommendation. Your potential new clients will consider you when someone recommends you. I believe in 2020 it may be even more important than it was when I practiced law.

Here are three questions to consider:

  1. Do you

You have content you created that you could give away in blogs, articles, and presentations. You may wonder whether you are “giving away” too much. Lawyers I coached asked me:

  1. When you created content for clients and gave it away, weren’t you worried about your competitors stealing it?
  2. When you created content and gave it

As I write Nancy and I are at Dimanté Los Cabos where we would be playing golf, but for Hurricane/Tropical Storm Genevieve!

The view went from this:

to this:

The staff at Diamanté started preparing for the storm earlier this week. Their anticipation of the storm made me reflect once again on anticipating client needs